Welcome to the Block Party!

In 1989, my Dad took me and six of my friends to see New Kids on the Block in concert. They had all The Right Stuff and the experience ignited a lifelong love for the band. Fast forward 34 years later, and I'm still Hangin' Tough - for me, it's part nostalgia and part genuine enjoyment of their music. I'm a proud 80's Baby, and I firmly believe that music has the power to brighten even the toughest days.

When I created this brand, I knew that I wanted to share my passion for NKOTB with others like me. I wanted other fellow "blockheads" to be able to Bring Back the Time and feel the same excitement when they see our product names and read our captions. Our brand is all about having fun and being relatable.

So, if you know, you know! As you browse our website or follow us on Instagram, with every Step by Step you'll notice the references to the band. I hope it brings a smile to your face and reminds you of the joy that music can bring.

Here's to our favorite Boys in the Band!

With love, Laurie