Collection: Combination Skin Type


Addressing combination skin, characterized by both dry and oily areas, is essential for maintaining a balanced complexion. Typically, the T-zone is oily, while the cheeks tend to be dry or normal. This skin type may fluctuate throughout the year and in response to factors like stress or hormonal changes.

To effectively care for combination skin, a routine focusing on thorough cleansing and hydration is crucial. Here are key steps to include:

I Need You Kit - combines the cleansing power of both an oil to milk cleanser and a foaming cleanser. This gives you the option to choose depending on how your skin is acting on a specific day.

Back To Life Brightening Mask - gives gentle exfoliation, hydration, and brightens up your complexion when it's looking a little dull leaving your skin luminous and glowing.

Tonight Supercharged Night Serum - the perfect ending to your skincare routine. This powerful blend of ingredients brightens, repairs and hydrates your skin without leaving a greasy residue. You'll be hooked after one use.